September 25, 2008

totals: unknown

oh, dear friends, what a strange and lovely journey it has been through the world of summertime scrabble games. here we bring you our last, best, most tragic game: THE EXECUTIVE GAME. what fools we were! lost in the high stakes of executive play, how could the ominous portents of our grim scrabble future--"SIN," "POX," and that most terrible bringer of doom, the "RAVEN"--go unnoticed? but fear not, reader! we have not lost hope that someday, somehow, our scrabble days can carry on.

August 9, 2008



lu: 274
lo: 261

"LOINS," "GROUPERs," "EXOTICA" and "SUFIS" all gather together as the "ODOR" of victory fills the air again for lu.



lu: 308
lo: 256

today's game was conducted under extreme circumstances as lo and lu had to endure both the overly-enthusiastic chattering of an amateur scientist, loudly discussing the finer points of her "nicotine experiment," and the headache inducing strains of a home-recorded grateful dead cover band, wistfully intoning their liberating banalities from three feet away. thankfully lu and lo were able to seek the shelter of the out-of-doors like two "FAERIEs" and escape such "SEAMY" spectacles.



lu: 299
lo: 297

yes the "OREO" "DUCK" "JIGS" as lu wins for the third time. please note, however, his suspicious use of "PIQUET," which is "a trick-taking card game for two players, using a 32-card deck consisting of cards from the seven to the ace." you don't discover games that just laying on your "FUTON"!

July 26, 2008

#13 "ZAP"


louis: 285
lois: 279

inspired by their second viewing of 'the dark knight,' this was to be an exciting and heroic batman-themed game. though neither lu nor lo played a single batman word, one might say that the game itself paralleled the movie's plot, as the two opponents (the noble and principled lu, with his "STEED", "VOTER" and first ever bingo, "FOAMING", against the dangerous and unhinged lo, with her "CLAQUE", "MOBS", and "YETI") fought a bitter and harrowing battle over the fate of humanity in this city.

July 20, 2008

#12 "ZITS"


lu: 305
lo: 264

in this exciting match lu played a dazzlingly "NEON" bright, "FAB" game, both defeating lo and clearing the 300 mark for the first time. lo could not help but watch "ENRAPT" as lu proved himself the "FOUNDER" of scrabble. lo stood in the "QUEUE" waiting for her chance to "CHIDE" the intrepid hero and remind him of his status as a veritable "BOVINE" of the game, slowly meandering past 200, like a "YETI" looking for pray to grasp with his "PADS". but lu popped the "ZITS" of prejudice with his "AWE" inspiring win!